Skid Steer Brooms

Skid Steer Brooms

Tysea’s skid steer pickup brooms / sweepers are designed to collect and dump dirt and debris when used for such applications as parking lots, street cleanup, industrial cleanup, landscaping, and construction job sites.

These brooms can also be manufactured for wheel loaders, backhoes, and tractors. Widths and designs can be fully customized to suit our customers requirements.

Our skid steer pickup brooms also come with an optional dust control feature.  Tysea offers custom low or large volume tanks, spray bars, hoses, and hydraulic pumps. These water systems reduce the amount of airborne dust produced by the sweeping action of the skid steer broom.

Broom Features

  • Optional dust control system (including hydraulic pump, spray bars and water tank)
  • Optional Gutter Brush
  • Pickup broom with hopper bucket
  • Repaceable bolt on cutting edge on hopper bucket
  • Guide wheels
  • Bi-directional operation (forward & reverse)
  • Manually adjustable heights
  • Dual Eaton hydraulic motors

Tysea’s wheel loader pickup brooms operate in forward and reverse (bi-directional). These sweepers featuring dual Eaton heavy duty hydraulic motors. Heights are easily adjusted using a jack screw system or caster wheels adjusted to height. Tysea also offers optional hydraulic controls to adjust the sweeper from within the operating machine.