Excavator Rippers

Excavator Ripper

Tysea’s single-point ripper features an angled tooth design that delivers optimum strength when ripping through frozen ground, rock, pavement and other applications exceeding the capabilities of a heavy duty digging bucket.

The excavator ripper is a versatile tool that goes beyond just ripping through hardened ground.   Excavator rippers can also be used for stump removal, root systems and rebar removal.

Tysea’s single point ripper comes with a replaceable D8 pin on ripper point tooth and an additional wear plate.  The shank plate offers extra protection where the ripper is susceptible to the most wear and tear.  The pin on tooth and wear plate can be easily changed out, increasing the life of the attachment and reducing wear to the main body of the attachment.

Excavator frost ripper tooth attachment manufactured by Tysea Mfg.  Complete with bolt on replaceable tip to reduce wear.

Our ripper is designed out of a solid extra thick steel shank, joined to a fully gusseted heavy duty base plate.  This design boasts incredible durability and strength.

Our rippers can come in a variety of styles and can be custom manufactured to your specs.

Excavator single point rock ripper

Excavator single point ripper, 30" penetration for ripping frost and rock
Excavator frost and rock ripper
Excavator ripper attachment manufactured by Tysea Mfg.  Our rock rippers come with a replaceable tip and wear plate for increased durability to key components and reduced down time.  In addition to a fully gusseted base plate.

Excavator Ripper Features

  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Replaceable pin on D8 ripper point tooth 
  • Replaceable pin on shank protector wear plate 
  • Fully gusseted 
  • Heavy duty base plate
  • Extra thick shank 
  • Fully customizable 

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