Wheel Loader Spade Nose Buckets

Wheel Loader Spade Nose Buckets

Tysea’s wheel loader spade nose buckets have an incredibly robust design.  Therefore making these buckets ideal for heavy duty digging and quarry operations where high impact and abrasion is imminent.

Spade nose buckets are fitted with bolt on replaceable teeth for easy maintenance and exceptional digging force. 

Optional segment edges are available for extreme digging protection.  In addition, these rock buckets can also be manufactured with a smooth or serrated cutting edge for loose rock digging applications.

Wheel Loader Spade Nose Bucket Features

  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Pin on replaceable teeth
  • Optional segment edges for extreme digging purposes and protection
  • Optional smooth or serrated cutting edges
  • Extreme durability 
  • Custom capacities, widths and sizes

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