Wheel Loader Snow Blades

Wheel Loader Hydraulic Snow / Angle Blades

Tysea’s wheel loader hydraulic angle blades have been designed and manufactured to effectively clear snow, level ground and grade.

Left and right hydraulic controls enable the operator more precise control when pushing materials.

Our hydraulic blades can be designed to your specs based on the applications it is being used for.

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Features such as skid shoes and cutting edges have been added on to increase the lifespan of the blade.  The cutting edge not only protects and increases the life span of the blade, the ease of replacement is cost effective as well as time efficient.  We offer these cutting edges in a smooth or serrated finish.

Hydraulic Angle Blade Features

  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Replaceable bolt on cutting edges 
  • Smooth or serrated cutting edge options
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders, manufactured in house
  • Custom blade widths 
  • Removeable / adjustable skid shoes
  • 30° left and right hydraulic angles
  • Hydraulic cross over relief valve
  • 10′-20′ Blade widths