Excavator Mounding Rakes

Excavator Mounding Rake

Tysea Mfg’s excavator mounding rakes are designed to mound and dig the earth, initiating and promoting tree growth by creating ideal tree planting conditions.

Mounding rakes are most often used in site preparation as they create ideal conditions for new growth, while maintaining minimal soil disturbances.

Excavator mounding rake painted black with dual kickers and yellow replaceable teeth.

Mounding rakes are used to dig into the ground to create a soil mound.  This digging motion will bring the mineral rich soil to the surface where it is needed.  In addition, this also creates better drainage for the newly planted seedling.

Tysea’s excavator mounding rakes feature bolt on replaceable teeth, 2 sets of heavy duty kickers and the ability to rake, rip and cultivate the soil in one smooth operation.

Excavator mounding rake, by Tysea Mfg, complete with dual kickers and replaceable teeth.

Mounding Rake Features

  • Dual sets of heavy duty rear kickers
  • Replaceable bolt on teeth
  • Quick change system to fit any style machine 
  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Custom design options available
Excavator mounding rake, showing dual kickers and replaceable teeth.  Manufactured by Tysea Mfg.

Excavator quick change / quick coupler manufactured for a customers excavator mounding rake.

Excavator Mounding rake being equipped with a Tysea quick attach system.

Custom Heavy Equipment Attachments

Excavator mounding rake for tree plating mounds.  Complete with dual kickers and replaceable teeth.

Rear view of excavator mounding rake showing dual heavy duty kickers.  Replaceable teeth installed in addition.

Side profile of excavator mounding rake with dual kickers and quick coupler system installed.
Front profile of excavator mounding rake for tree planting mounds.