Excavator Wrist Buckets

Tysea Mfg’s heavy duty excavator wrist / twist buckets are designed to provide the operator with ultimate versatility while slope excavating or ditch digging. Our twist o wrist buckets operate at a 45° angle per side. 

With heavy duty hydraulics, hardened pins and bushings maintenance is kept at a minimum.  In addition, all cylinders are manufactured in house by Tysea Mfg.  Our wrist buckets also come equipped with optional smooth or serrated bolt on edging.

Yellow wrist bucket installed onto CAT 80 series mini excavator

Tysea’s tilting bucket is ideal in a variety of applications such as; trenching, ditch cleaning, sloping, grading, back filling, and land clearing.  Various widths and capacities are available as well.

Grey excavator tilt bucket, 10 feet wide for 250 series machine
Black excavator wrist bucket
Grey excavator wrist bucket with serrated yellow bolt on cutting edge
10 foot wide 250 series excavator wrist bucket with bolt on cutting edge

Wrist Bucket Features

  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Custom widths and capacities
  • 45° angle per side
  • Heavy duty hydraulics and pins
  • Optional smooth or serrated bolt on cutting edge
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders manufactured by Red Raven Hydraulics