How Tysea Mfg came to be

In 1995 a small company was started called Bumby Mfg. by a young solo welder / fabricator named Kevin. At just 25 years old, Kevin had an aspiration to design and manufacture inventive products. What started out as a home based business doing small welding and fabricating on the side soon turned into a full scale business manufacturing heavy equipment attachments.

This substantial growth encouraged Kevin to take on a new perspective and business directive. Shortly after starting, Bumby Mfg more than doubled with a full crew of welders, fabricators and machinists.

Owner operator of Tysea Mfg with his custom built crewban

Fast forward to 2001 and this small company yet again grew into a multi faceted manufacturing company now known as Tysea Mfg Inc. (named after Kevin’s son and daughter). In 2004 Kevin brought his son into the family business and trained him to be a full time welder, who now manages and over see’s the welding and fabrication in the business. In 2012 Kevin brought in his daughter as an office manager, now organizing day to day and overseeing all components of the business.

Granddaughter of owner operator showing off custom Tysea Mfg hoodies
Son of owner operator of Tysea welding inside a large heavy duty excavator dig bucket
The Tysea truck with custom stacks built into a custom headache rack on the truck deck.

In 2019 Tysea Mfg Inc. again doubled in size, moving to a new location and doubling it’s manufacturing space. Tysea now has a full scale machine shop specializing in cylinders and hydraulics called Red Raven Hydraulics Inc.

Tysea Mfg. believes custom metal manufacturing requires more than high quality fabrication skills. It requires a willingness to get to know each customer’s needs in order to provide design input to reduce costs and help spot potential problems. As a family based business, Tysea offers the attention and quality that most large scale manufacturing companies are unable to offer.


What had started as small home based business has grown into a respected custom metal fabrication business with clients all over the world. Tysea remains 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Heavy duty excavator mat grapple for placing and moving rig and swamp mats.  Shipping to Corsicana Texas
Excavator Mat Grapple Coriscana, Texas
Heavy duty 470 John Deere skeleton bucket shipping to Billings Montana
Excavator Skeleton Bucket Billings, Montana
Excavator pipe and pole handler for placing and handling oilfield pipes shipping to Zambia Africa
Excavator Pipe Handler, Zambia, Africa