Excavator Hoe Pac

Excavator Hoe Pac

Tysea’s excavator hoe pacs consist of a compaction plate system that provides force and power through a vibratory plate and heavy duty hydraulics.  These hoe pacs enable an excavator operator compaction capabilities in areas other equipment cannot easily access. 

Hydraulic vibratory plates are ideal for compacting ditches, trenches, scrap materials and more.

Heavy duty excavator hoe pac vibratory plate compactor manufactured by Tysea Mfg.  Painted blue with yellow logos.

Excavator compactors create a safer way for workers to complete a job.  Workers are no longer required to be directly in the workspace with hand held compaction devices.  Our compaction plates allow operators to remain safely in the excavator and work without the requirement to be directly within the worksite.

Excavator hydraulic compactor, hoe pac attachment manufactured by Tysea Mfg.

Hoe Pac Features

  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Heavy duty hydraulic system
  • Quick change system
  • Compaction capabilities in hard to access areas
  • Optional bolt on spike and cup feature for post pounding

Tysea’s hoe pacs are fitted with an excavator quick-change system for fast and efficient attachment changes.  In addition, our excavator hoe pacs can also be fitted with a spike and cup bolt on attachment.  This attachment is ideal for quickly and efficiently fencing and pounding posts easily and securely.

Custom Heavy Equipment Attachments

Excavator compactor with pin on quick change lugging.

Pin on quick change lugging manufactured by Tysea Mfg Inc
Heavy duty excavator hoe pac vibratory compaction plate manufactured by Tysea Mfg.

Heavy duty excavator hoe pac, compaction plate with spike and stand manufactured by Tysea Mfg
Heavy duty excavator hoe pac manufactured by Tysea Mfg.  An excavator compaction plate.