Oilfield Shale Bins

Tysea Mfg Inc’s shale bins are manufactured from industrial grade steel enabling them to stand up to the harsh working conditions of the oilfield industry.  Our shale sloops help reduce environmental clean-up costs with fewer spills, less cutting being dropped on site while mixing off and loading trucks and provide a reduction in tracking.

We supply both high and low sided shale tanks with the ability to hold all types of drill cuttings and solid waste within the drill sites.  Our high sided bins are useful for mixing sawdust, fly ash and other types of stabilization amendment.  Our low sided shale tanks are used for mixing sawdust or fly ash with drilling fluid solids for oil based applications.

Our lower profile option allows you the ability to fit our shale tanks under rig decks.  Heavy duty hinges hold a fold down section at the front of the bin that can easily be dropped down.

In addition our bins are equipped with weld on traction bars for grip and ramps for easy access.  Tysea Mfg will customize bins to any specification that may be required for your job.  Built for the job we take pride in creating a product that is heavy duty, durable and aesthetically pleasing.